Shinbox Switch

Tactical Push Up

Tree Squat


EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute)

Set Timer For 20 Minutes, Have it Beep On Each Minute If Possible

You will start out by doing:

  1. (1) rep of shinbox switches (left/ right counts as 1)
  2. (1) rep of Tactical Push Ups
  3. (1) rep of Tree Squats

You will perform these exercises and reps, safely, but as fast as possible. Whatever time is left over in that minute, is your rest time.

Once the next minute starts, you will go up (1) repetition on each exercise. So minute 2 will be (2) reps of each, minute 3 (3) reps of each, etc.

Once you reach your maximum and run out of rest time, begin going down one rep of each exercises per minute.

Basically, you are working up a ladder and then down a ladder.

Give it a try and comment on our private group with your numbers and any questions that you may have.

Good Luck!