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Welcome to Natural Training Center!

Join Our Tribe!If getting outside your comfort zone & challenging yourself is something that does not interest you, then NTC is definitely not the place for you. On the flip-side.. If you want to train with like-minded individuals that want to “talk” less and “do” more then becoming an NTC Member is certainly the organization for you.

Hello, my name is Helder Gomes and I am a fitness and combatives coach with a mission to keep our NTC members prepared for whatever challenges life dishes out. I am very fortunate to travel the world teaching our NTC Method to both civilians as well as elite Police & Military units.

There are many facets to our NTC Method. We focus on our health and fitness which then opens the door to various areas that our members can integrate into their current lifestyles. Things such as self-defense, preparedness skills, running, hiking, firearms safety & training, HAM Radio and much more are all part of our NTC Membership. It may seem a bit chaotic but as you delve through our NTC Method you will find that everything integrates quite simply.

Our members are located around the world. This adds a unique dynamic that is not found in other organizations. Our tribe members work on common tasks and rely on each other for support as well as motivation. They learn about customs from around the world and form a bond like no other. You also have access to me and other NTC Certified Instructors that will provide feedback to your questions and also guide you through the NTC Method.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope to work with you, as an NTC Tribe Member, in the very near future.


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